12 days of Christmas!  Spot the elf on the kit!

12 days of Christmas! Spot the elf on the kit!

Now that December has finally arrived it’s only right to give back to those we love and cherish.This week's blog is all about the 12 days of Christmas, it’s history and what we are doing at Mon Dessert to celebrate and give back to our customers!

So when are those days supposed to be starting? Where does Christmas fall in the 12 days?

Singing aside, there’s actually a historical basis for the traditional Christmas carol we all know. Christians have historically celebrated a period of 12 days surrounding Christmas. The nearly two-week time period starts and ends with two pretty significant holidays: Christmas on December 25 and the Epiphany on January 6. 

Christians believe that the 12 days of Christmas mark the amount of time it took after the birth of Jesus for the wise men to travel to Bethlehem for the Epiphany when they recognised Jesus as the son of God. (The specific time period was likely part of the early church’s effort to adapt pre-Christian celebrations that helped the ancient Europeans get through the long winter nights.)

With Christmas as the first day, every one of the 12 days celebrates a different saint, from St. John the Apostle on December 27 to the Virgin Mary on January 1. Today, how—and when—the 12 days are celebrated by Christians around the world varies. Eastern Orthodox Churches use a different religious calendar, so their 12 days of Christmas start on January 7 and run through the Epiphany on January 19. And while Catholics celebrate the Epiphany as a single day, some Protestant churches celebrate it until Ash Wednesday, leading into the season of Lent and Easter.

Gift-giving customs also differ in some cultures. In Latin American cultures, Christians hand out presents on January 6, which they celebrate as Three Kings Day, instead of December 25. And other cultures give gifts for each of the 12 days. 

As mentioned, traditionally the 12 days start on Christmas Day and end on the 6th Jan but we are doing things the Mon Dessert way! We’re  running a special campaign that runs 12 days prior to our last shipping day which is the 20th Dec. Each day a new surprise product is announced at 40% off so stay tuned in to our emails!  And spot the elf on the dessert!

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Happy Dessert Making!

The Mon Dessert Team x

All recipes can be adapted to a vegan diet using flax eggs, aquafaba,  and non dairy butter, milk & cream.


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