Happy 1st Birthday Mon Dessert

Happy 1st Birthday Mon Dessert

Celebrate Mon Dessert's 1st Year as a Limited Company

It has been a rollercoaster ride of baking, photo shoots, website construction, design deliberation, logo lunacy, manufacturing madness, crazy meetings, beautiful brides & grooms, power networking and international calls into the small hours.  But…  Mon Dessert is now officially a year old.

Although I have had great fun doing all of this, it has at times been challenging especially when juggling being simultaneously decorated with stickers by a 4 and 5 year old. Do other mums frequently walk out of the house covered head to toe in stickers, or is it just me?

Nobody tells you how to run a small business - of course the baking is still a passion and always will be, but I soon learned upon starting Mon Dessert that passion is a massive factor, but it isn’t enough all by itself. You have to visualise what you want your business to be and look like as well as get yourself in the right mindset to make it happen. Everyday I push myself into seeing the best that Mon Dessert can be. People keep asking us whether we will have a 3rd baby, but we already have one! So a very happy first birthday to our little one.


Proudest Achievements

Everybody who has worked with Mon Dessert is extremely proud of what it has become, a beautiful and elegant company just like its products. I think what I am personally most proud of is the Macaron Making Kits.  My goal was to make macaron making so easy that anybody could do it. When I was teaching myself in the old days how to make macarons, it was at times very frustrating as I couldn't find all the advice, tips and tricks all in one place - it was often trial and error and mostly error! I believe with the kits everything is so carefully explained and the equipment and ingredients are exactly right, that it takes away the frustrations that I often had. The kits "I hope" make it really easy to make what is up there with soufflé when it comes to challenging recipes.



To celebrate our birthday and achievements, I would like to make sure you treat yourself by offering you Free Delivery on all of our Macaron Making Kit range with an exclusive discount code. To receive this code please click on the button below.

Please note that Mon Dessert will be closed from Monday 1st August – Saturday 20th August so we will not be taking orders during this time.

This free delivery voucher can only be used on orders purchased after Saturday 20th August and will expire on Sunday 20th November. 


One last thing...  I would absolutely love to take full credit for everything but unfortunately that would be totally unfair.

  • A massive thanks to all the amazing photographers I have a had a pleasure working with: John Nassari, Sarah Lancaster, Marcela Mota and James Hopkirk. All creative geniuses.
  • The wonderful people at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons for being such pastry chef pro's. God I learned so much.
  • Merci, to my husband and chief taster, delivery boy and operations & IT guru Johann, always patient and great at constructive criticism. There always has to be a pragmatic one in the relationship and that is most definitely not me.
  • Marian G at Photobiz you are wonderful :)
  • Hearts & Minds and Hattie stock, without you there would be no product.
  • My friends Josh, Sara Beth, Enea & Lara.  Love you guys.
  • The fantastic people behind My PR and Social Media Marketing, Brandlective Communications & Patricia Gill PR
  • My stock management would be nothing with Asim my wonderful brother.
  • Y & N for thinking mummy has the best job in the world and being patient every time mummy says five more minutes...
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