Interview Gabrielle (@aglassofice)

Interview Gabrielle (@aglassofice)

1) I love your blog and look forward to your beautiful Instagram posts.  Everything just looks so fresh and healthy.  And you are so responsive and positive.  I think it shows in everything you do!   You do a great job of inspiring lifestyle.  Was this your intention when you started « A Glass Of Ice » and how did you get started and why?

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words!  I actually first started a blog about shoes; documenting my latest purchases.  However, predictably I soon ran out of shoes to blog about.  Oops!  On a brighter note, my intention with A Glass Of Ice has and always will be simply to capture and share as much beauty as possible.

2) What is a typical day for you and what do you enjoy most about what you do? 

A typical day for me includes a combination of the following: working for an online luxury fashion retail platform as a content writer, blogging at A Glass Of Ice and dashing to meetings and appointments.  I’m also working on an exciting new photography venture (more on that soon!).  Evenings, on the other hand, tend to be more relaxed; spending time with my partner, working out, socialising and exploring all the city has to offer!

3)    Who would you say is your typical fan/follower?

Statistically, my typical follower is between the ages of 18-35 and female.  However, behaviourally I like to think it’s those with a soft spot for feminine aesthetics and a penchant for visiting beautiful places.

4)    Can you think back to your earliest dessert memory?  What was it like, what did it make you feel?

My earliest dessert memory is eating a slice of Victoria Sponge cake in my parents’ garden on a summer’s afternoon - wearing jelly sandals.  Bliss!

5)    Who made the desserts when you were growing up?  Was it Mum, dad, sibling, and granny?  What was their speciality in your mind?

My mum used to make the desserts, with her speciality being sponge cakes

6) Now as an adult what is your favourite Michelin star, sophisticated type dessert vs. your guilty pleasure dessert (I’m thinking chocolate hob nobs dunked in tea, Ben & Jerry’s on a Friday night)?

Oh, difficult question!  My favourite sophisticated dessert would have to be crème brûlée; that initial crunch through the top layer sounds so good.  I have too many guilty pleasure desserts to count, although my most recent love has been Nutella spread on wholemeal pitta bread.  Does that count?!

 7) How often do you eat dessert after a meal?  Or perhaps you have dessert as a treat during the day?  Do you have in company, for entertaining or alone with a good book for example! :)

 I always eat dessert after a meal.  In fact, the meal is only half complete without dessert!  Truly, I don’t believe there could be a bad time to opt for dessert; although food is always best enjoyed with company.  

8) Do you make your dessert at home or do you go for shop bought?  Perhaps it is a mix of the two, if what occasion do you buy in and when do you get cracking eggs and make your own?

I tend to purchase desserts elsewhere, although when I do get my whisk out it’s always to create something cocoa-focussed!  Speaking of which, I loved making the macarons from your Chocolate and Gold Dust macaron kit; I still remember how fabulous they tasted.  Occasions that always inspire me to get baking include Christmas, Easter and loved ones’ birthdays.

 9) Is it important to you to know what goes into your desserts?  Are you careful about what goes into your body and how and when you eat?

 I used to have a lot of allergies and partly due to not taking notice of what I was putting into my body.  It’s a very different story now and I definitely take more notice of what goes into my body, although how and when I eat is rarely considered!

10) I always end the interview with a dessert recipe share.  Would it be okay for me to ask you to share a recipe?  It could be your “go to” dinner party dessert.  Or perhaps an old recipe from your grandmother.  I would love to share this with Mon Dessert fans if you are okay for me to do so?



Oh, I wish I had a delicious recipe to share!  Although what I will say is that presentation is everything.  We see food before we taste it, and so never skimp on the aesthetics.  Personally, I reach for any edible metallic touches I can get my hands on!
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