How to Make Your Macarons Stand Out From the Crowd

How to Make Your Macarons Stand Out From the Crowd

I love making classic macarons, but sometimes I want to create something a little bit different from the ordinary plain, classic shell.

Occasionally adding some sparkle or a hint of what is in the filling on the inside can be very effective decoration. As with cupcakes, adding a little je ne sais quoi to the top of can look great AND allows you to hide a multitude of sins. Let's face it, we cannot always make flawless macarons all of the time, so rather than being embarrassed by any bumpy or uneven shells, pimp and preen them with a little something extra! After all, even if they are not 100% perfect they will still taste phenomenal... 

Here are some of my ideas on How to Make Your Macarons Stand Out From the Crowd...

Make 'em Fruity!

This is so simple and looks fantastic. Take a bit of buttercream and pipe a little swirl using a piping bag and nozzle tip, (available from the Mon Dessert shop) and top with colourful, ripe fruit in keeping with your filling flavour combination! 

Make a Macaron Cake for Dessert! 

Larger macaron cakes such as a Fraisier, have a macaron shell instead of a gluten-heavy genoise sponge, which is a fabulous alternative cake for somebody who is gluten intolerant.

Flower Power

As with our famous Framboise Rose gift & mini kits the decorative use of edible petals such as damask rose can make your macarons look really romantic and tempting. This simple technique is both aesthetically pleasing as well as adding a hint of additional flavour; our Framboise Rose really adds something extra to the beautiful raspberry centre of the macarons.


This technique is super effective and very easy to do! All you need to do is mix a little bit of food colouring or natural colour, like beetroot or turmeric, with water until you get a consistency like cream. *I use a 1:2 water to powder ratio* Take a firm, food-safe paintbrush and dip it into the colour. Carefully hold the brush over your macaron and flick your thumb across the bristles so a thin spray of paint speckles your macaron shell surface. 

Food Pens

Why not use food pens as with our limited edition macaron making mini kits we have on offer.  Halloween lanterns and mini Easter chicks have never been so easy.  We will be releasing our Halloween mini kit very soon.

Go Nuts!

Another of our mini kit flavours are Coconut and Pistachio, both of which look wonderfully wholesome and add a brilliant texture. They are my two absolute favourite macaron flavours and decorations. Simply melt some white chocolate, provided in the kits, smoothing it over your macaron before sprinkling with nuts or desiccated coconut. Absolutely delicious.

Add Some Sparkle

I love glitter and the incredibly smart and fun gift kit, Chocolat Noir & Gold Dust Edition ticks all the boxes.  The gold sparkles just make the macarons so so special.  

Hand paint

If you are feeling particularly brave and steady of hand, you could hand paint your macarons using watered down natural or gel food colours with a thinner food-safe paintbrush. How about geometric shape macaron favours like these Mon Dessert creations, featured in  

For more information on how to create bespoke macarons for your big day email or call 07540140048 

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