Mon Dessert’s high-quality tasty creations stem from organic ingredients

French Patisserie was crafted to be a real pleasure for our senses.  From macarons to Croquembouche, every treat is carefully hand crafted with passion, precision and personalisation to create artistic creations that ooze luxury, sophistication and excellence.

Mon Dessert, an exquisite fine Patisserie business, is keeping the French Patisserie tradition alive by producing delicious temptations that look and taste of pure quality. But where does this quality come from? Just like an artist needs quality materials to create art, French Patisserie requires quality ingredients.

Mon Dessert has cracked the French Pâtisserie code by creating undeniably delicious treats using contemporary techniques and natural ingredients. The business uses this formula of using organic ingredients in everything they bake and is currently transforming the world of French Pâtisserie as we know it. But why should Mon Dessert get all the fun? Their bespoke Macaron Making Kits are also filled with the finest ingredients, meaning that you too can create decadent macarons that are healthy, natural and most importantly delicious! The kits are also gluten free and contain natural food colouring.

Now we’ve established that baking with organic ingredients is the way forward, what does ‘organic’ actually mean? Organic refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. This means that organic produce contains fewer pesticides; is free of preservatives and artificial colouring making it fresher; is rich in certain nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids and most importantly not genetically modified. As well as being healthier for us to eat, organic produce is also better for the environment and other wildlife.

Mon Dessert have revealed the secret ingredients in their organic Macaron Making Kits that make them so luxurious in sight and taste. 

Framboise Rose Edition – Gluten Free

This kit enables you to create approximately 24 beautiful raspberry macarons that you can decorate to your heart’s content with Damask rose petals. In it you will find the following organic ingredients:

  •          Organic ground blanched almonds  
  •          Organic and gluten free icing sugar - Icing sugar often contains flour but we use gluten free!)
  •          Organic beetroot powder for the pink colour - a natural alternative to food colouring.
  •          Organic fair-trade white chocolate coverture
  •          Organic raspberry powder - made from organic dried raspberry

Chocolate Noir & Gold Dust Edition – Gluten Free

For all you chocolate lovers this kit is an absolute dream. You’ll find the following organic ingredients in a sumptiously embellished tin to create decadent dark macarons topped with gold dust:

  •          Organic ground blanched almonds
  •          Organic and gluten free icing sugar - Icing sugar often contains flour but we use gluten free.
  •          Organic roasted cocoa powder for the chocolate colour and taste - a natural alternative to food colouring
  •          Organic fair-trade raw chocolate from Indonesia sweetened with coconut sugar

In both kits all you need to do is add egg whites (preferably using free range organic eggs) or aquafaba if you’re planning to make vegan macarons.  

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