Want a Parisian Chic Wedding? Mon Dessert Shows You How...

Want a Parisian Chic Wedding? Mon Dessert Shows You How...

It is not at all surprising that Paris continues to be a top proposal destination after all the city just oozes springtime romance; with its wide boulevards and beautiful architecture.  And who can forget the art, riverboats down the Seine and iconic Tour Eiffel.  Therefore it seems only fitting that the Wedding day pay homage to Parisian style. 

But even if the “question” was not popped in oh la la Paris. To be honest my proposal was more Brixton edgy done over a plate of spag bol in our South London flat. Parisian chic is such a beautiful theme on which to set a wedding, the French are in the end all about the finer things in life.

So how do you recreate that Parisian je ne sais quoi?  Here are some ideas on how…

The Ambiance

Choose a more traditional style venue rather than something overly modern if you are going for Parisian Marie Antoinette style chic.  It should be bright in pale colours. For extra effect beautiful satin drapes and chandeliers work wonderfully to set the scene.  If you are having a simpler day with close friends and family you could opt for a minimalist but very pretty venue.  Why not finish the look with a very minimalist but pretty cake such as a Charlotte Russe an exquisite classic


A lot of the drama pays a tribute to the Eiffel Tower itself through romantic candelabras and towering wedding cakes such as Pièce Montée/Croquembouche & Laudurée style macaron towers.

Get the look

As for attire blush pink bridesmaid gowns as for the bride think opulent earrings, a lace pinched at the waist gowns flushed cheeks and voluminous updo hair. The French often don’t do heals and opt for ballet pumps instead.  French girls just have this understated beauty about them.  


Choose damask rose, blush pinks, vintage creams and hazy blue greys.  You can replicate this with your stationery and flowers.  Rose and peonies with a hint of gold ribbon together with greenery such as lambs ear and dusty miller.  Why not tie all the colours together with macaron favours to say thank you. Use complimentary colours tied with pretty ribbon bows in satin. 

Finishing touches

Madame & Monsieur seating plans in elegant French typography, which is carried through onto the menus, stationery & signage. Use layered fabrics such and silk, sequins and lace on the tables.  Why not even match your macaron favours with your stationery.  For more information about our exclusive Dimitria Jordan stationery and matching macarons get in touch today info@mondessert.co.uk or 07540140048


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