Remembrance Sunday - How to pay tribute with desserts

Remembrance Sunday - How to pay tribute with desserts

Desserts would have been a luxury during World War II after the introduction of rationing but the government wanted life to appear normal to its people and so wanted to provide them with a way to still be able to enjoy sweet treats.

It produced a collection of dessert recipes that each family could use with rationed ingredients. Ingredients such as sugar were rare and so the government encouraged the use of honey, which was not imported and could be found throughout most of the UK, as well as many other commodities found in nature such as blackberries, wild strawberries etc.

That’s why one of our favorite remembrance day traditions is being able to bake for friends and family and spread love and joy.

Think you might want to give it a go? Our kits* are easy to follow and adapt to various diets. Take a look below at our new monthly additions for November (pre-order today for an approx. despatch date of the 14th November):

War Time Recipe- Condensed Milk Cake- Taken from Lavender & Lovage.  For full recipe click here!


  • Cannoli KitThe essence of Sicily wrapped in a crispy pastry... amazing scents and textures bite after bite. Cannoli are the pride of the beautiful island of Sicily and with this kit you can make your very own at home.


  • Polenta Cake - Polenta cake is known in Italy as Amor polenta, The first part of the name, ‘Amor’ (meaning ‘love’), is naturally a reference to the irresistible taste of this dessert, while the word ‘Polenta’ is a clue to its humble origins. This delicious dessert is a staple of Northern Italian cuisine, its light, fragrant, and bursting with flavour!


  • Tiramisu- The word 'Tiramisu' literally means ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up’, its a rich treat blending the bold flavors of cocoa and espresso with savory mascarpone cheese, and layered with ladyfinger biscuits.This Italian classic is a MUST try if you have a sweet tooth with a little bitter one hidden behind it!


  • The Italian Bundle - Get all of the above in this kit. It includes all dry ingredients and everything you need to create the best Italian desserts. 


  • Diwali Special Coconut Barfi - Coconut barfi is a delicious Indian dessert that will leave you wanting more of a taste of the exotic. Gluten free and can be adapted to be  plant based.



Happy dessert making!

The Mon Dessert Team x

* All recipes can be adapted to a vegan diet using flax eggs and non dairy butter.


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