The 1st Ever Mon Dessert Video: Great Hints & Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Ever wondered how some people seem to have the most perfect weddings and parties and not appear to be flustered or have a hair out of place? Most importantly how do these people actually enjoy their own wedding and actually be the perfect hosts by actually spending time talking to their guests and being in the moment rather than stressed out over the table plans not being quite right or the DJ not turning up?

Wonder no more; in this first, rather crude video from Mon Dessert. I am talking to the very lovely and extremely composed Meghan Fay from Extraordinary Day Events. Just look at the background, that’s her living room!  Her home is picture perfect.

The video kicks of with a brief intro about myself and Mon Dessert. Also an explanation on why I have started to do videos. Gosh I really need to stop saying ummm so much! It was very nerve racking doing the first one, but now it is out of the way I hope to make big improvements on my presentation style. Yikes!  Do I really look and sound like that? 

Going back to why I have started to do videos…  The main reason is to be able to share my passion in a more effective way. I believe this medium lends itself so well to interviews and demonstrations, much better than reams and reams of heavy text ever could. 

So here goes…

So a lot of brides and grooms find it difficult to make choices on which suppliers to choose over another. With Google making it so easy to research and find numerous photographers, florists and cake designers how do you make that final decision?  We are sometimes overwhelmed with choice.  Meghan tells us more…

Meghan the Director and wedding planner behind Extraordinary Day Events plans weddings around London and the South East of England.  She tells us how she really sees the company as a wedding concierge service. This means that she takes care of everything from finding venues and RSVP’s to designing the wedding day lighting and making sure everything runs smoothly on the actual day so that the bride and groom can actually enjoy themselves.

I ask Meghan what sorts of people generally choose to use her wedding planning service. She says there are 3 types of people that would choose and benefit from using a wedding planner:

1)                People that are really busy with full on jobs and lives.

2)                People that want the full on “BIG” “GRAND” wedding day with bells and whistles.

3)                People that are living overseas, but planning their wedding on location.

Next I ask Meghan, what do brides most fret about? She explains that the main standout thing that worries her clients is are their guests having a good time? Are they asking too much from their guests in terms of them travelling too far or expenses etc.

I ask her how she manages to calm her clients down. She tells me how the whole progress starts off with an in-depth meeting where she can really drill down on the couples’ priorities in order to take away their stresses and concerns; planning everything to perfection, focusing on the priority areas.

She also tells us a secret top tip on how to make weddings have that wow factor for their guests. You need to watch the video to find our more!

I ask Meghan her top 3 tips on planning a wedding. She gives the following advice:

1)       Timing

2)       Lighting

3)       Planning for children

Choosing suppliers is a big one and I ask Meghan how she helps couples choose suppliers to suit them. She says checking reviews is a must. She also helps to get those all-important quotes so there will be no sneaky hidden costs. Everything is transparent right from the start. 

Finally Meghan tells us her most special moments and what the nicest thing a client has ever said to her.

Watch the video here, which will reveal all…

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