The gift that keeps on giving?

The gift that keeps on giving?

Gone too soon. There aren’t many nuisances with gift shopping in the food and beverage department, but one catch is the often short-lived nature of your present. The scrumptious snacks get eaten (or even worse, go out of date), and the dinner party champagne you bought gets poured into 8 glasses for the other guests on arrival, and before you know it it’s gone. While the sentiment transcends the kitchen or dining room shelf life, it’s all over a little too soon for our liking.


Mon Dessert has come up with a creative solution to this problem while keeping things interesting for the budding patissiers and recipients of our macaron-making kits. If you're looking to buy a gift this year that won't fade away once the newness or initial appeal wears off, then keep reading…


We all know someone who would consider a half a year’s supply of macarons as the best present ever, and with the Mon Dessert Ingredients Refill you can extend both the life and livelihood of your gifts by adding deliciously innovative flavours to your initial gift on a regular basis. A preselected assortment of delights ready to be made magically shows up at their doorstep like clockwork each month. Think about how great it would be to receive a delicious new macaron flavour each month – they could enjoy the taste of chocolat noir & gold dust one month, and framboise rose the next!


This is why we believe a macaron kit is Christmas the gift that keeps on giving.


If you know someone that loves the fun side of baking – that is, actually making and baking – rather than having to find challenging new recipes and weighing out all the ingredients, then this monthly subscription will extend their culinary experience and enhance their perception of you as a gift-giver - spreading the cheer across the year.


We apologise in advance for helping you set the bar a little higher this year. We promise we’ll have something for you to one-up it next year!


Each monthly refill tin pouch has a recipe approved by our founder Samina Courtin, plus all the pre-measured ingredients needed to recreate delicious little French masterpieces. There are no artificial nasties, and we aim to source natural food colourings and organic ingredients wherever possible.


Buying for a Vegan or a GFD? No problem, our macarons are gluten-free and vegan macarons can be ordered on request.


Right now you can save £12  £10 with our Ingredients Refills that last for 6 months - an ideal gift for any keen baker or macaron lover!


Based in London, Mon Dessert is an exquisite fine patisserie business that encapsulates the tradition, flavours and passion of French Patisserie to produce luxurious delights using forward-thinking and contemporary baking techniques. Head over to our previous posts to find out what’s inside the box of our macaron-making kits!


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