Video 3: Piping perfect macaron shells

Welcome to our third video instalment of our Macaron Making Kit, where we demonstrate just how easy it is to pipe perfect rounds for your macarons! 

To get started, place the silicone piping nozzle into the silicone bag - both of these are included in your Macaron Making kit. So now for a top tip, use a tall glass or a cocktail shaker and place your piping bag over it. This is going to save you a lot of hassle trying to fill up the bag otherwise it gets really, really messy! Then pour in your lovely mixture; I recommend mixing it in again so that you can get rid of any stray bits of egg whites or dry mixture, otherwise that’s going to cause problems for you when you’re baking.

In your kit you’ll also find a baking mat with the circles already there, so simply lay this over a tray. I’ve also placed the tray on top of a tea towel - if you don’t have a big enough tray you can also use the oven shelf. Now you’re ready to start piping the rounds. Hold the top and the bottom of the piping bag and pipe into the inner circles and just outside of that. You don’t need to be the best piper in the world, our silicone mat makes this process so much easier!

Now you’ll see why we need the tea towel. Bash the tray onto the surface so that each round forms into perfect circles. Continue doing that until they all fall to the ridges at the end and then they should all be done. Now you’ve got your rounds, we get to the fun part of decorating them with lovely sparkles that you’ll find in your kit. The sparkles really makes them look a bit more special! Once you’ve finished decorating, leave them for 30 minutes to dry.

Don’t forget to join me for the next video, where we make the ganache filling for the macarons! 

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