Why The Croquembouche is taking over traditional Wedding Cakes

Why The Croquembouche is taking over traditional Wedding Cakes

In this piece I want to tell you why I think the Croquembouche or Piéce Montée could be the thing that makes your wedding day truly stand out.


First thought to have come about in the late 1700’s by the grandfather of pâtisserie Antoine Careme, the Croquembouche is literally translated from the French as crack in the mouth.  This is because of the delicious caramel used to stick together the profiteroles.  The shape is traditionally a cone and can be made as big or small as you like. Decorations can range from sugared almonds, flowers, nougatine, spun sugar, or even macarons.  We like to bring our Croquembouche right up to date, making them more dreamy looking with a heavy dusting of icing sugar and decorated with rosemary or flowers.  Each profiterole is made with choux pastry, which is filled with crème pâtissière.  The crème is typically flavoured with vanilla, but you can jazz it up in any way you like.  For example chocolate, rum, lemon, pistachio- the sky's the limit.  Now you are beginning to understand why this is the default wedding cake in France.  It is not only is a showstopper, it is completely and ridiculously delicious and totally unlike the traditional heavy iced sponges we have over here.   


To serve and for drama, the Croquembouche can be cut with a sword.  Or the profiterole picked off leaving the bride and groom feed each other, which is really lovely.


So, here are my top 10 reasons why a Mon Dessert Croquembouche should be a consideration for any celebration. 


1)    The dessert can be made truly standout in terms of its height.  Here at Mon Dessert we also make other shapes such as cylinder.


2)    Worried that you will not have a traditional cake to cut into- worry no more!  The Croquembouche can be placed on top of an iced cake.  Giving it even more height and the bonus of a cutting cake.


3)    If you think a Croquembouche can look a bit dated or not be decorated in a contemporary way that will match the style of your wedding.  We can bring the Croquembouche right up to date, decorated with freshly cut flowers and dusting with icing sugar or coloured icing, rather than an overly shiny caramel coating.  We’ll work with you to create your perfect look.


4)    Not too heavy as some sponge cakes can be, especially after a heavy sit down meal.


5)    The Croquembouche is great for your guests to pick at on the dance floor, popping a yummy profiterole into their mouths, making it a less formal sit down thing.


6)    A great addition to a group of desserts such as a macaron tower and naked cake or Fraisier.  Making a really pretty French dessert table.


7)    Can be flavoured any way you like.  Crème pâtissèrie is delicious with nuts, chocolate or alcoholic flavours.  There is something for everyone here.


8)    A super fun way for the bride and groom to feed each other with a profiterole each.


9)    With basic prices starting a £2.50 per profiterole this cake can be easily budgeted for.  We say 3-4 profiteroles per person if the main dessert.  To as little as one each if you are having other sweet treats.


10) Very original and super chic.  You wedding will be truly stand out with this French touch to your wedding day.



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