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It's National Chocolate Week!

Stop what you're doing! Put down your phones, turn off the T.V. and listen up! It's National Chocolate Week! Thursday 12th October marked the beginning of a very exciting and very delicious few days for Britain. National Chocolate Week may be little known, but if you love chocolate as much as we do here at Mon Dessert then you are going to rejoice along with us at the opportunity to eat as much chocolate as you like, all in the name of patriotism. So, other than being one of the most luxurious, smooth and addictive foods in the world, what does chocolate really offer us? Hopefully something beneficial, since every decade, the average person will eat their own body weight...

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Balancing Motherhood and Passions: Samina's Story

This week, Samina featured as a guest on Dr MaryAnne Shiozawa's brilliant podcast series on her blog 'You're Doing Great Mom’.   'You're Doing Great Mom' is a great place for all things new and/or experienced ‘Mum’; it offers a great service for every kind of mother imaginable: 'mommy coaching'. For a monthly fee you receive an e-course, skype and email support, texting, calls, a monthly newsletter 'ebook' and you are invited to a live Google Hangout once a month with other mothers signed up. I am not a mother but I can imagine (and having watched my sister raise 2 under 2 with a partner who works full time) that any kind of help is appreciated!   Dr. MaryAnne...

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