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Mon Dessert’s high-quality tasty creations stem from organic ingredients

French Patisserie was crafted to be a real pleasure for our senses.  From macarons to Croquembouche, every treat is carefully hand crafted with passion, precision and personalisation to create artistic creations that ooze luxury, sophistication and excellence. Mon Dessert, an exquisite fine Patisserie business, is keeping the French Patisserie tradition alive by producing delicious temptations that look and taste of pure quality. But where does this quality come from? Just like an artist needs quality materials to create art, French Patisserie requires quality ingredients. Mon Dessert has cracked the French Pâtisserie code by creating undeniably delicious treats using contemporary techniques and natural ingredients. The business uses this formula of using organic ingredients in everything they bake and is currently transforming...

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The 1st Ever Mon Dessert Video: Great Hints & Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Ever wondered how some people seem to have the most perfect weddings and parties and not appear to be flustered or have a hair out of place? Most importantly how do these people actually enjoy their own wedding and actually be the perfect hosts by actually spending time talking to their guests and being in the moment rather than stressed out over the table plans not being quite right or the DJ not turning up? Wonder no more; in this first, rather crude video from Mon Dessert. I am talking to the very lovely and extremely composed Meghan Fay from Extraordinary Day Events. Just look at the background, that’s her living room!  Her home is picture perfect. The video kicks...

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Mon Dessert promote naturally gluten-free Macaron Making Kits

Just because a product is “gluten-free” doesn’t mean it lacks flavour. Mon Dessert’s delicate French macaron recipes are a work of sumptuous art that use the finest ingredients, contain no artificial colours and are naturally gluten-free, meaning there is no substitute for quality or deliciousness. Gluten-free diets have risen in popularity recently, but for many of us we still feel left in the dark about what going gluten-free actually means and whether the products can still taste just as flavoursome. People who eat gluten-free products are typically those who suffer from Coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten (it affects at least 1 in 100 people in the UK and in Europe). Yet, the...

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Go eco-friendly in your kitchen with Mon Dessert’s energy saving tips

The world is changing and changing fast.  The other day my daughter was looking at some old photos of me. There is one of me, circa 1985 up to my shoulders in snow making a snowman. She said, "Mummy, it never snows like that anymore. Is it because our planet is sick?"  Wow what a statement from a 5 year old! But the sad truth is that this is a reality. The world is warmer and getting even warmer. Which is great for our Indian summers in London, but not so great for rising sea levels. I am guilty of being wasteful in how I consume, as much as the average person. I take longer showers than I probably should do,...

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The History of the Delicious French Macaron by Mon Dessert

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore French macarons here at Mon Dessert, so this week we’re taking you on a voyage into the wonderfully delicious treat’s history to find out how it became one of the most famous French desserts. The macaron we all have grown to love today is an elegant bite-sized delight that instantly impresses with its range of flavoursome recipe combinations and spectrum of vibrant colours. The delicate macaron shells (that have been perfected to be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside) are traditionally made with almonds, sugar and egg whites and held together using a ganache filling. French macarons today simply exude luxury, however, it’s surprising to discover that these treasured treats...

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