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Vegan Banana & Chocolate Bread Recipe

    Vegan Banana & Chocolate Bread                                               INGREDIENTS:                                   overripe mashed banana (480g)                                    2 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract                                             1 tbsp vinegar                                30ml sunflower oil and 30ml oat...

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Calling all #DadsWhoBake

We’re going to speak candidly here – the Mon Dessert team won’t be angry (more just disappointed) if you choose to go down the ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug route for the umpteenth time this year for Father’s Day, on Sunday 18 June! Poor jokes (and dancing) aside, we’re sure your Dad is pretty awesome – so get him a gift he deserves… Dad’s across the world have traditionally loved to ‘boss’ the BBQ, and we’re seeing a big increase in Dad Dominated Kitchens. Nowadays, Match of the Day gets chucked on record as shows like Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Hells Kitchen’ and 'The Great British Bake Off' take precedent. The David Beckham shrine hasn’t come down from the mantelpiece just yet, but it’s time to bridge...

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The Making of a French Wedding Dessert Table

I have been deliberating on what structure to write this blog piece in.  Should it be a timetable of events? Recipes and top tips on wedding planning written out in a methodical way? But I have decided to write it as a bit of a travel/experience journal…  which will hopefully transport your senses to an idyllic and picturesque French wedding. So this adventure started off back in March 2015.  I was literally just starting out and I thought it would be a great idea to get myself out there. So I opted to do a wedding fair.  The wedding fair I chose was a little off the beaten track: A Most Curious Wedding Fair - its patrons tend to be...

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Mon Dessert’s high-quality tasty creations stem from organic ingredients

French Patisserie was crafted to be a real pleasure for our senses.  From macarons to Croquembouche, every treat is carefully hand crafted with passion, precision and personalisation to create artistic creations that ooze luxury, sophistication and excellence. Mon Dessert, an exquisite fine Patisserie business, is keeping the French Patisserie tradition alive by producing delicious temptations that look and taste of pure quality. But where does this quality come from? Just like an artist needs quality materials to create art, French Patisserie requires quality ingredients. Mon Dessert has cracked the French Pâtisserie code by creating undeniably delicious treats using contemporary techniques and natural ingredients. The business uses this formula of using organic ingredients in everything they bake and is currently transforming...

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The 1st Ever Mon Dessert Video: Great Hints & Tips To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Ever wondered how some people seem to have the most perfect weddings and parties and not appear to be flustered or have a hair out of place? Most importantly how do these people actually enjoy their own wedding and actually be the perfect hosts by actually spending time talking to their guests and being in the moment rather than stressed out over the table plans not being quite right or the DJ not turning up? Wonder no more; in this first, rather crude video from Mon Dessert. I am talking to the very lovely and extremely composed Meghan Fay from Extraordinary Day Events. Just look at the background, that’s her living room!  Her home is picture perfect. The video kicks...

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