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Mon Dessert promote naturally gluten-free Macaron Making Kits

Just because a product is “gluten-free” doesn’t mean it lacks flavour. Mon Dessert’s delicate French macaron recipes are a work of sumptuous art that use the finest ingredients, contain no artificial colours and are naturally gluten-free, meaning there is no substitute for quality or deliciousness. Gluten-free diets have risen in popularity recently, but for many of us we still feel left in the dark about what going gluten-free actually means and whether the products can still taste just as flavoursome. People who eat gluten-free products are typically those who suffer from Coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten (it affects at least 1 in 100 people in the UK and in Europe). Yet, the...

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Go eco-friendly in your kitchen with Mon Dessert’s energy saving tips

The world is changing and changing fast.  The other day my daughter was looking at some old photos of me. There is one of me, circa 1985 up to my shoulders in snow making a snowman. She said, "Mummy, it never snows like that anymore. Is it because our planet is sick?"  Wow what a statement from a 5 year old! But the sad truth is that this is a reality. The world is warmer and getting even warmer. Which is great for our Indian summers in London, but not so great for rising sea levels. I am guilty of being wasteful in how I consume, as much as the average person. I take longer showers than I probably should do,...

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The History of the Delicious French Macaron by Mon Dessert

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore French macarons here at Mon Dessert, so this week we’re taking you on a voyage into the wonderfully delicious treat’s history to find out how it became one of the most famous French desserts. The macaron we all have grown to love today is an elegant bite-sized delight that instantly impresses with its range of flavoursome recipe combinations and spectrum of vibrant colours. The delicate macaron shells (that have been perfected to be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside) are traditionally made with almonds, sugar and egg whites and held together using a ganache filling. French macarons today simply exude luxury, however, it’s surprising to discover that these treasured treats...

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GBBO Competition Steps up a Notch as Contestants Demonstrate Pastry Skills

As we enter Pastry Week on this year’s series of the Great British Bake Off, Mon Dessert claims the baking enthusiasts’ talents will be put to the test, as pastry is one of the most complex and difficult skills to master in the world of baking. Now in it’s seventh year, The Great British Bake Off is one of Britain’s most-loved baking competitions where passionate foodies battle it out to be crowned the ‘UK’s Best Amateur Baker’. So far, contestants have been put through their paces and have successfully demonstrated flair and skill when it comes to baking cakes, biscuits and even bread. This week the difficulty is raised up a notch and the bakers’ talents will come under scrutiny...

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Why The Croquembouche is taking over traditional Wedding Cakes

In this piece I want to tell you why I think the Croquembouche or Piéce Montée could be the thing that makes your wedding day truly stand out.   First thought to have come about in the late 1700’s by the grandfather of pâtisserie Antoine Careme, the Croquembouche is literally translated from the French as crack in the mouth.  This is because of the delicious caramel used to stick together the profiteroles.  The shape is traditionally a cone and can be made as big or small as you like. Decorations can range from sugared almonds, flowers, nougatine, spun sugar, or even macarons.  We like to bring our Croquembouche right up to date, making them more dreamy looking with a heavy...

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