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Embrace the art of French Patisseries with Mon Dessert

Mon Dessert’s scrumptious treats are a work of art that encapsulates the passion and tradition of the French, stamped with their own contemporary finish.   Begin your discovery of French Patisserie with a bite of one of Mon Dessert’s decadent macarons and you’ll instantly understand why there is such a fascinating mystery about French pastry. French Patisserie goes beyond simply baking; it’s stylish, romantic and charming. It’s like an art where respect and appreciation is given to every ingredient as well as like science where the recipes and amounts need to be precise to get the best results. French Patisserie is certainly not easy to master, so if you do it correctly, you know you’ve created a delicious treat that is truly...

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Happy 1st Birthday Mon Dessert

Celebrate Mon Dessert's 1st Year as a Limited Company It has been a rollercoaster ride of baking, photo shoots, website construction, design deliberation, logo lunacy, manufacturing madness, crazy meetings, beautiful brides & grooms, power networking and international calls into the small hours.  But…  Mon Dessert is now officially a year old. Although I have had great fun doing all of this, it has at times been challenging especially when juggling being simultaneously decorated with stickers by a 4 and 5 year old. Do other mums frequently walk out of the house covered head to toe in stickers, or is it just me? Nobody tells you how to run a small business - of course the baking is still a passion and always...

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Video 2: Macronage, whatever that is?

Welcome to the second video of the series taking you through all the secrets of macaron making.. So we are onto the second video where I am going to be showing you, how to macaronage.  Macronage is just a posh way of saying mixing the macaron shell batter.    First of all we are going to take our egg whites 50 ml.  I have used organic free-range eggs.  Then I’m going to take our caster sugar from the kit which is already pre weighed.  Everything is all done for you.  We add that to the bowl.  Next put that onto our freestanding mixer.  You can do this by hand if you want to build up those arm muscles.  Or you...

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Video 3: Piping perfect macaron shells

Welcome to our third video instalment of our Macaron Making Kit, where we demonstrate just how easy it is to pipe perfect rounds for your macarons!  To get started, place the silicone piping nozzle into the silicone bag - both of these are included in your Macaron Making kit. So now for a top tip, use a tall glass or a cocktail shaker and place your piping bag over it. This is going to save you a lot of hassle trying to fill up the bag otherwise it gets really, really messy! Then pour in your lovely mixture; I recommend mixing it in again so that you can get rid of any stray bits of egg whites or dry mixture,...

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Video 4: Making the chocolate ganache filling

Now you’re ready to make the filling for your macarons, which is a delicious chocolate ganache! But before you get started, remember to turn your oven on to 150°C so that you’re ready to bake the macarons when they’re dry. <p>Top Tip: place a spoon in the door of the oven to wedge the door open. We recommend doing this just to let out a bit of steam because if the oven gets too moist it will destroy the macarons and create cracks in them, so we want to remove all the moisture from the oven.</p> <p>Once your oven is set, you’re ready to start making the deliciously smooth ganache! Firstly, put your cream onto the stove and heat it...

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