The Best Ever Chocolate Tarte Recipe

Making pastry for chocolate tart it’s really easy, a kids game! You just need follows all of our steps ;)
For make pastry you need: 
85g plain flour.
30g ground almonds.
55g cool unsalted butter, diced.
25g icing sugar sifted.
1 egg yolk.
1 tbsp cold water.
 For make filling you need:
200g dark chocolate
25ml Honey
25ml vanilla extract
300ml double cream
For make pastry:
Perhaps your oven at 180°C
Mix all ingredients together with the robot 
Cut two large cooking paper and put the dough in the centre of your cooking paper add a little icing sugar and put the second cooking paper on the top.
Spread the dough.
Removed the cooking paper on the top.
Return your dough and put in the tarte plate.
Add ceramic baking beans and put in the oven for 5 Mins
Tips: with the fork make a few holes for does not swell during cooking.
For make filling:
Melt chocolate and mix with honey vanilla and double cream.
Put the filling when the dough is baking and cold.
Tips: for decoration, follow your imagination and enjoy!
We have use strawberry, pistachio, little chocolate macarons, icing sugar, and flower petal but why not use other fruits?

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