Chocolat noir macaron gift kit - Mon Dessert
Chocolat noir macaron gift kit - Mon Dessert
Chocolat noir macaron gift kit - Mon Dessert

Chocolat Noir Macaron Gift Kit

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Grab our flagship product for a fraction of the price! This is End of line stock and has a best before date of August 2021

This kit is a little bit more special than our regular kits and therefore a perfect gifting item.  Here is a list of what you get...

  • A beautiful keepsake tin to store your finished macarons off in.

  • This version is dark chocolate ganache and can be decorated with edible gold dust!

  • Comes with all the dry pre-weighed ingredients needed - just add eggs and cream

  • Equipment included: piping bags, ovenproof macaron mould 

  • A step by step illustrated recipe & video tutorial

Ever wondered how macarons have the most perfect shape and look so good in the cafes of Paris? Wonder no more. This kit will have you whipping up macarons better than the contestants on Masterchef.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Walker

I made the chocolate & gold dust macarons from the beautiful mon dessert kit this week and they were delicious! The kits are so easy to use, no need to measure anything. Just follow the easy steps and voil! I always thought macarons were very complicated to make but these kits are so simple. The piping bag and mat are great quality, I'll keep using them forever now. Plus, the gold dust is amazing looking!

Grace Campbell

I have always wanted to make macarons but I thought they were too tricky. This kit made it so easy and they turned out really well.

Susan Lock
Lovely treats

Never made these before so was a bit nervous, but glad I did, though my piping skills need honing up they went down a treat 😊

Maggie Wilson

I cant remember how many kits I've bought as I love them so much! Ive bought quite a few at Xmas to give as Xmas pressies (along with an additional mini-kit), have given them as birthday pressies and just bought another to take when I go visit some friends soon. Its so easy to make - the instructions (plus videos) make the process fun and idiot-proof! The taste of all the flavours is fabulous (Ive tried every one!). The only problem Ive found is trying to not eat them all on the day of making - they definitely are even better on day 2 (often none left by then though LOL).

Thank you so much Maggie! :)

Swann Mongenot
Wow, I can make macarons

What a beautiful kit and learning experience. Everything is packaged so beautifully and explained so well. I was seriously amazed at how well they turned out. And the gold dust is so pretty. Love, love love...