[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert

Salted Caramel Macaron Kit

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There are some foodie marriages that are sacred. Mozzarella, tomato & basil, red wine & cheese.  There is one more we must not ever forget... 
With this kit, you will learn to make Parisian Salted Caramel Macarons, with traditional French techniques.  Macarons are notoriously one of the hardest desserts to master, but we like to think that Mon Dessert takes away all the pain points giving you little shortcuts and tricks making it easy peasy!
* You can make a vegan version and we give you guidelines on how to do this.  Macarons are also gluten-free.
 *This kit makes 15-20 macarons


Included in the kit is:
All the dry ingredients you need
An in-depth recipe card
An oven-proof & reusable macaron mat- helping you get a uniform shape
2 piping bags
Piping bag silicone tie
You will need to add:
Egg whites, Butter, cream 
(Vegan:  Aquafaba, plant-based cream & butter)
*Please note we have a backlog of orders currently so please allow up to 14-28 days for delivery.  To apologise we have slashed our prices in this range to reflect the delay.


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