Crème brûlée kit - Mon Dessert
Crème brûlée kit - Mon Dessert
Crème brûlée kit - Mon Dessert

Crème Brûlée Kit

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*🌱This product can be adapted to a vegan diet🌱*

This classic dessert is so simple, yet it is difficult to achieve perfection.  This kit gives you all the know-how and equipment you need to make restaurant-quality crème brûlée that will leave guests wanting more...

Yes, that means it even includes a blow torch and 2 ramekins!

(Serves 2 )

Kcals: 380    

Skill level: Easy    

Cooking time: 40 mins 

Setting time: min 2 - 4 hours

 Ingredients Included: 

  • Madagascan vanilla pod & caster sugar

 Equipment Included:

  • 2 ramekins
  • A blowtorch

 You will need to add:

  • Double cream (either plant or dairy)
  • Large egg yolks (or custard or cornflour if you are making this plant based)
  • Butane gas for your blowtorch* (*available from most newsagents)

 Full ingredients contained in kit

 Sugar, Madagascan vanilla pod

 Allergens: None*  

*Risk of trace particles from manufacturing of Sesame, nuts, milk, gluten, soy



Customer Reviews

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Creme Brûlée

First time and will not be my last. Instructions are user friendly. Well put together quality and taste.

Bridget Johnson
Creme Brulee

A very easy recipe to follow and looks fab and tastes great