[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert

Macaron Tower Display Stand, 10 Tier, Holds 230 Macarons

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Make a Beautiful Macaron Tower with this Acrylic Display Stand

If you are making a variety of macarons in different colours and flavours this display really sets them off.

So simple to use.  The levels simply slot into place.  and you place your macarons on sideways.  Great for parties and weddings. 

All 10 tiers hold approximately 230 macarons.

Allow 10-14 working days for delivery as delivery times are slightly unpredictable at present!

Here is a video to demonstrate:  NB: The video shows s a 4 tier tower.  This product is a 10 tier tower.

We are using 2 mini kits Pistachio and Chocococo, which is coconut and chocolate.  We came up with this "bonkers" name as we were not allowed to name the kit by a well-known chocolate bar of the same flavour.  We have also used fresh edible flowers from the garden to set it all off.  


NB:  Macraons are not included, you will have to make these!