[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert

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Why not join today and experience and learn how to make a variety of specialty global desserts.


OUR JUNE KIT - Eclair au chocolat

Not so long ago, we were also completely oblivious to the fact that éclairs are somewhat different in France. The problem is, once you cross over the pond and taste their authentic version; there is no going back.

So what is this ‘je ne sais quoi’ that the French éclair has the British version hasn’t? When you visit any Pâtisserie or Boulangerie in France you bite into a chocolate éclair and you get… umm… well… chocolate. C’est quoi!? Yep… chocolate! No, not fluffy white whipped cream but chocolate crème patisserie. That is chocolate custard to you or me and it tastes amazing, trust us!  Why not have a go at making some yourself with this months kit...

We email you to let you know the up and coming months box, which you may choose to skip if you wish.

Each kit contains non-perishable ingredients, a recipe booklet, video tutorials, and reusable bakeware.  So you can build up your kitchen toolkit in no time at all...

*If you do not want to make your desserts straight away they can be saved for a rainy day as our kits have a minimum of 4 months shelf life. 
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