Fraisier Cake Kit

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Fraisier Cake Kit
Fraisier Cake Kit
Fraisier Cake Kit

Fraisier Cake Kit

Regular price £16.00

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Advanced yet achievable
2.5 hours
368 kcals per slice
12 slices, £1.80 each
Dairy free friendly

A beautiful, classic French cake which is made from layers of genoise, fresh strawberries and homemade raspberry marzipan. The name comes from the French word for strawberries 'fraise'. Perfect for summer parties, to celebrate birthdays or to mark the start of Wimbledon. 

The look of the cake is very distinctive with its exposed strawberries along the sides. Whilst the cake does have many stages as with most things Patisserie, the finished result is well worth it.

You can half this recipe and bake in a 15cm mould instead, but we feel it has the most impact when large and grand. The cake will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

  • Ingredients included

  • Organic British pastry flour

    Caster sugar

    Gluten free baking powder

    Custard powder

    Madagascan vanilla pod

    Acetate strip

    British raspberry powder

    Ground almonds

    British icing sugar

    Parchment paper


  • You will need to add

  • 6 organic eggs - 1 separated

    300ml milk

    300g strawberries

    150g cubed soft butter plus extra for greasing

    Boiling water

  • Recommended equipment to add

  • 20cm diameter cake mould

    Stand mixer such as a Smeg or a Smeg handheld electric whisk

    Palette knife

    Piping bag

  • Additional nutritional information

  • Ingredients contained in kit:

    Sugar, Wheat Flour, Ground Almonds, Custard Powder (Cornflour, Natural Colours (Annatto, Curcumin), Natural Flavouring), Vanilla Pod, Raspberry Powder, Gluten-Free Baking Powder (Sodium Dihydrogen Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Sulphate)

  • Allergens

  • Wheat, Nuts

    *Risk of trace particles from manufacturing of sesame, soy, peanuts and milk