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[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert

Raspberry & Rose Petals Main Kit- Makes 24 Macarons

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  • A beautiful keepsake tin to store your finished macarons off in.
  • This version is framboise rose, or raspberry and edible rose petals to you and me
  • Comes with all the dry pre-weighed ingredients needed - just add eggs and cream
  • Equipment included: reusable silicone piping bag, ovenproof macaron mould and precision stainless steel nozzle
  • A step by step illustrated recipe booklet & FREE online video tutorial

Ever wondered how macarons have the most perfect shape and look so good in the cafes of Paris? Wonder no more. This kit will have you whipping up macarons better than the contestants on Masterchef.

Here are some burning questions that we have an inkling that you may have... 

IS THIS GOOD FOR A RAINY DAY ACTIVITY TO HAVE STOCKPILED AT HOME? Yes definitely! A lovely bonding activity for mother/father & daughter/son or for best friends. Fantastic for Hen parties and they are really original birthday presents for the foodies in your life.

BUT AREN'T MACARONS DIFFICULT TO MAKE? They can be, this is why they are so expensive in the shops. These kits aim to take away the pain points. The sourcing & measuring of ingredients are all taken care of, so all you have to do is follow the step by step recipe booklet to get the right techniques. Here is a video tutorial guiding you though too. 

SO HOW DO YOU GET THAT PERFECT ROUND CIRCLE? Although this mini kit does not come with a mould you can use a template that we have on our website or you can purchase a macaron mould that is made out of silicone which is something that you can reuse many times. This guides you to get the perfect round shape. Also available to be purchased separately are stainless steel nozzles and silicone piping bags again for precision piping.

IS THIS GOING TO BE TIME-CONSUMING? Sure, you can go and buy ready-made macarons from the shops but isn't it so much more fun to make your own? The activity takes approximately 2 hours, but you can also make the shells first and freeze. Or make the filling first and store in the fridge or freezer. The min BBE is 6 months, so you find a moment that suits your schedule.

WHAT IF I WANT TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE COLOUR & FLAVOUR: You could make a load of shells in advance and then fill them when all your friends come over and then decorate and eat. We have lots of flavours of mini kits so you can have endless varieties of colours & flavours. Seriously your loved ones will be so impressed with your skills that you'll have to make more & more!