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Mille Feuille

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This is an advanced recipe designed to challenge you and develop your pastry chef skills.  You'll be making rough puff pastry from scratch and learning how to create the distinctive chevron icing and layer this classic Mille Feuille.

Contains GLUTEN

*Can be adapted to a plant-based diet.  If you would like this to be gluten-free swap out the flour to a gluten-free alternative.

Time 1.5hrs

  • Carefully measured ethical ingredients
  • Recycled packaging
  • A silicone re-useable sustainable  piping bag
  • a 1mm tip nozzle
  • connector
  • precision ruler
  • Parchment paper
  • cutter
  • In-depth recipe
  • Video guide

Customer Reviews

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Majestic mille feuille

These were amazing! Everyone loved them. The cutter and ruler meant they were even and my friend's thought they were professionally made. I particularly liked that the pastries were not overly sweet.

The instructions were very clear and the video tutorial was helpful. These were more advanced in difficulty than previous kits but the instructions provided were perfect and following them meant the end results were great. Thank you. I cannot wait to make more and wow more friends.

Natalie Petkune
Certainly a challenge, had great fun making it!

I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to create these myself first ☺️! 💪👩‍🍳

Certainly a challenge which you no doubt can achieve with clear recipe card and additional video instructions they provide! Kit comes with all ingredients measured and even all props required being included in the kit as well. 🥧

This was my third @mondessert box, previously I made Halloween Macaroons and Christmas croquembouche 😍. Planning to get a macaron set when I will be travelling back home, so I can make and decorate them with my niece ❤️

Thanks for the challenge

Pretty proud of my Mille Feuille!

To daunted to try it.

The box contents look fab, but every time I think I will give it a go, I look at the number of steps and think maybe another day.

Yes, this one is a challenge indeed! We hope you still give it a go. Check out the video too as sometimes seeing it visually is what you need make things much simpler to follow

Would love to hear how you get on, when you do (hopefully) make it!