[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert
[ChocoCoco Mini Kit] - Mon Dessert

Private Masterclass

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In this Masterclass, we will be making a variety of oh so chic French macarons in some lovely flavours. Each class will have a different seasonal theme and you take home your own gift box of sumptuous personalised macarons, for you to enjoy for yourself or give as a present to a loved one. If you are generous enough :)

You’ll learn a true Parisian recipe for macarons, with secret little tips and tricks you can use to get great results in your own kitchen. You’ll also be well equipped to make many colours and flavours to truly impress all your friends & family… 

*Includes complimentary gift boxes and light refreshments.

There will be exclusive offers at the end of the class for baking kits and equipment so you can replicate what you have learned in the class in the comfort of your own home and show off your skills to friends and family.

NB:  This is an intimate private tuition which is held in Mon Dessert's private home in South London.

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