Interview Sophie Bertrand (@sophieshealthykitchen) with her Date & Caramel slice recipe!

Interview Sophie Bertrand (@sophieshealthykitchen) with her Date & Caramel slice recipe!

1) I love your blog and look forward to your beautiful Instagram posts.  Everything just looks so fresh and healthy.  And you are so responsive and positive.  I think it shows in everything you do!   You do a great job of promoting a healthy attitude around food when so many people have dysfunctional relationships around it.  Was this your intention when you started Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen and how did you get started and why? 

That is so kind of you! Actually yes, I really did want to focus on healthy relationships with food which is why I came up with 'Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen’. I think a lot of people fear desserts or see them as ‘bad’ or ‘not allowed’ but I believe that they everything should be enjoyed in moderation, and sweet treats are part of a well balanced diet. I myself didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with food but the moment I started educating myself in regards to health and nutrition, I knew that a diet mentality would get me no where. I then went on to study Nutrition further so that I could provide people with evidence based information where food is concerned. 

2)    What is a typical day for you and what do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Well that is actually a difficult question to answer as every day is different for me. I am currently working under another (amazing) nutritionist, and the work we do is very varied. This can be anything from seeing clients, to brand work or recipe developing. It also comes with a lot of admin work- these are the days where I usually would work from home. 

3)    Who would you say is your typical fan/follower?

I would say people who are interested in learning more about nutrition and are looking for simple and well balanced recipes. 

 4)    Can you think back to your earliest dessert memory?  What was it like, what did it make you feel?

Absolutely… chocolate cake! I never actually liked sweets growing up but I always loved chocolate (and still do). You know when you just find something so indulgent and satisfying… that’s what chocolate was like for me.

 5)    Who made the desserts when you were growing up?  Was it Mum, dad, sibling, and granny?  What was their speciality in your mind?

My mum used to make great cakes and she would decorate them so beautifully. She would make our birthday cakes every year and get really creative with the icing. 

 6)     Now as an adult what is your favourite Michelin star, sophisticated type dessert vs. your guilty pleasure dessert (I’m thinking chocolate hob nobs dunked in tea, Ben & Jerry’s on a Friday night)?

Okay, sophisticated (and I am not just saying this), I love macaroons- they’re sophisticated right!? and guilty pleasure is my homemade dark chocolate balls that i cover in melted white chocolate and then chill (I could eat 20 in one go!). But I wouldn't actually call them my guilty pleasure because I never feel guilty eating them! 

 7) How often do you eat dessert after a meal?  Or perhaps you have dessert as a treat during the day?  Do you have in company, for entertaining or alone with a good book for example! :)

I think I have something sweet after dinner probably every day. I will have a proper dessert once or twice a week and then usually some dark chocolate on the other days.

 8) Do you make your dessert at home or do you go for shop bought?  Perhaps it is a mix of the two, if what occasion do you buy in and when do you get cracking eggs and make your own?

I always make my own! I love experimenting with different flavours and I just love baking a cake.

 9) Is it important to you to know what goes into your desserts?  Are you careful about what goes into your body and how and when you eat?

I think it is important to know what you’re putting in your body. Shop brought desserts are totally fine on occasion but I personally just love making my own food. I think of food as my fuel that has to taste good! So when I look at my food, I like to make sure I have as many essential nutrients as I can in there with lots of lovely flavours. 

 10)    I always end the interview with a dessert recipe share.  Would it be okay for me to ask you to share a recipe?  It could be your “go to” dinner party dessert.  Or perhaps an old recipe from your grandmother.  I would love to share this with Mon Dessert fans if you are okay for me to do so? 

Okay, so here is one of my own dessert recipes- DATE CARAMEL SLICES. I originally developed this recipe because my boyfriend loves caramel slices- But the whole family just love these!  





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