What do I get in a subscription?

Every month you receive a kit for an exciting new dessert to have a go and create. The desserts are there to stretch your skills and are truly a learning experience.  The skill level and time requirements of each dessert is communicated to you before release.  You may also need one or two easily available wet ingredients prior to making the dessert.  Such as eggs or milk.

✔  Essential kitchen tools   Non perishable ingredients   Video tutorials   Recipe card   Serious FUN!


Are these Vegan?

We aim to give you vegan/gluten free/dairy free/healthier adaptations to every recipe (as much as we can).  We source from responsible suppliers.  


Delivery & charging schedules

You will receive your kit between 14th-20th of every month. Your ongoing monthly charge date will be the 12th of every month.  Your subsequent charge will always be adjusted to come out on the 12th of every month.  All prices quoted are excluding delivery which varies depending on your location and length of subscription.  Generally the longer the subscription the more you would save on delivery and per box price.


Is it possible to cancel a subscription if I do not like it? 

Yes, you can cancel at anytime.  Please email us on info@mondessert.co.uk to cancel and this action will be carried out straight away.  Alternatively you can skip months if you do not want that months dessert or are going away on holiday.  

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What do I get in a subscription?

In a subscription, you receive every month one kit to make a dessert with the all dry ingredients preweighed and an in depth recipe card.  You will also get essential pieces of kitchenware along the way- so this subscription is a great way to build up your kitchen tool kit at low cost.

We add little gifts in your box the longer you stay with us.  After 6 months with us you will be classified as a VIP customer.


Can I buy the subscription as a gift?

Yes we have 3 and 6 month subscriptions to buy.  Upon purchase of a gift subscription you will be able to download the subscription gift certificate that you can print or email to the recipient.  We also have gift cards.  Please click here


Allergen information?

All our kits state clearly the allergens on the recipe cards.  We also state when trace allergens might be present from manufacturing processes that are beyond our control.  Some kits contain optional decorations with food colouring but we aim to be as natural as possible where we can.  All of our chocolate contains dairy and soy lecithin.  However, if we release a vegan kit this will contain specialist vegan chocolate which is 100% plant-based.


Is this good for a rainy day activity to have stockpiled at home?

Yes definitely! A lovely bonding activity for mother/father & daughter/son or for best friends. Fantastic for hen/corporate parties and they are really original birthday presents for the foodies in your life.  The typical best before date on our kits is 6 months as they only contain non perishable ingredients.


Are these desserts difficult to make?

Some of our recipes such as macarons can be, this is why they are so expensive in the shops. These kits aim to take away the pain points. The sourcing & measuring of ingredients are all taken care of, so all you have to do is follow the step by step recipe booklet to get the right techniques. There are video tutorials guiding you through too which can be found here.  The desserts are there to stretch you and get you trying desserts you may have never thought possible to make at home.


Is this going to be time-consuming?

Yes, some kits will be. Our aim is to see you grow and develop your skills as budding pastry chefs!  There in no age limit or pressure on experience.  Everybody will work to their own pace.  Some might try recipes with children.  Others might want to crack open a kit for their own 'me' time. Each kit states the time you will need.  Our typical shelf life is 6 months, so you can find a moment that suits your schedule.


How are our kits made?

Every kit is handmade and made with love in our establishment with ingredients sourced as responsibly as we can.  We are always looking at ways to include ingredients that are responsibly sourced (fair trade, looking to lower carbon emissions, palm oil free).  We also offer advice on how you can adapt some of our recipes to be vegan.  The more conscience we are the better for our planet...


What is your delivery policy?

We use Hermes.  You will receive your kit between 14th-20th of every month. All prices quoted are excluding delivery which varies depending on your location and length of subscription.  Generally the longer the subscription the more you would save on delivery and per box price.  All orders over £100 has free delivery. FREESHIP100


What is your returns policy?

We can send you a return label and offer full refunds for damaged or faulty items.  We can offer exchanges if you change your mind we only accept exchanges when the product is not used.  We do not cover return shipping cost for exchanges.


Is Mon Dessert available outside the UK?

Yes, Mon Dessert sends orders outside the UK.  Shipping costs vary.


Can I shop with Mon Dessert even if I don’t subscribe?

You can shop without subscribing.   We have a small selection of overstock of past kits and kitchenware.  These are all priced individually.