About Us


Our story

Since 2012, we have been curating and collecting the most exquisite dessert recipes and ingredients from around the world, so you can create them yourself at home.

Started by self-taught patisserie chef, Samina Courtin, Mon Dessert was founded upon her passion for baking. Having realised there was an opportunity to teach the everyday person how to make complex treats easily at home, the Mon Dessert kit was born. That’s why we’re always seeking to challenge and help you develop your dessert making skills, one recipe at a time.


We’re on a mission to be as sustainable as possible whilst delivering you perfection. That's why we're in the midst of ensuring that everything in our kits is either recycled, recyclable or reusable and we aim to use responsibly sourced, fairtrade ingredients wherever possible. The majority of our kits are also vegan friendly, as we understand the importance of catering to a vegan diet for both personal and planetary reasons.

What's more, we give back 1% of our revenue where it is most needed. This means that 1% of everything you spend with us goes towards our planet and our future. As a new company, we know we still have a way to go, so If you have any ideas or suggestions please do get in touch via info@mondessert.co.uk. We’d love to hear them.

Work with us

If you are interested in working with us, whether this be to stock any of our products, enquire about a potential partnership, or social media collab, please do get in touch with us. 

For commercial enquiries, contact commercial@mondessert.co.uk

For marketing enquiries, contact marketing@mondessert.co.uk 

For general enquiries, contact info@mondessert.co.uk