Baking as a force for good

Tomorrow, Thursday the 7th of April is World Health Day. Founded by the World Health Organisation, it is celebrated annually each year to help draw attention to specific health topics of concern to people all over the world. This year's theme is 'Our planet, our health', with a specific focus on fostering a movement to create societies centred on well-being. 

While we are by no means experts in the wider field of health, we at Mon Dessert truly believe in the power of baking as a force for good when it comes to our well-being. It is well known that baking is a unique activity to help lower anxiety and stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. It even has a positive knock on effect on your sleep, blood pressure and immunity levels, meaning it is not only great for your mental well-being, but for your overall health too. 

Baking also has the potential to combine both creative expression and social connection, as the feeling of sharing something nourishing and comforting with others can positively impact our mood and relationships. For example, a recent study by Dr. Oetker found that two thirds of respondents surveyed said that baking usually improves their mood, while 61% said that sharing their bakes with others makes them happy. 

As well as having a meditative effect, baking helps to improve creativity. So, by decorating a cake or piecing together two delicate macaron shells, it can help focus the mind by calming the brain and body. Interestingly, there are also studies which suggest that creativity and baking are an effective way to reduce symptoms of dementia, improve memory and cognitive abilities. 

With this in mind, why not have a go at making your own dessert this World Health Day? Whether it's our Easter Bunny Cream Tart, Swedish Cinnamon Rolls or Lemon Macarons, it's the perfect excuse to unleash your creativity and to put aside some time for you. Plus, we're sure your friends and family will love it too...

Don’t forget to tag us in your creations using #MakeMonDessert. We can’t wait to see.

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