Balancing Motherhood and Passions: Samina's Story

This week, Samina featured as a guest on Dr MaryAnne Shiozawa's brilliant podcast series on her blog 'You're Doing Great Mom’.


'You're Doing Great Mom' is a great place for all things new and/or experienced ‘Mum’; it offers a great service for every kind of mother imaginable: 'mommy coaching'. For a monthly fee you receive an e-course, skype and email support, texting, calls, a monthly newsletter 'ebook' and you are invited to a live Google Hangout once a month with other mothers signed up. I am not a mother but I can imagine (and having watched my sister raise 2 under 2 with a partner who works full time) that any kind of help is appreciated!


Dr. MaryAnne is an American chiropractor, trained in the States, specifically with a special interest in paediatric and pregnancy chiropractic. She's been practicing for 20 years, and has extensive experience in newborn health and function, helping mothers pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy along with the health of the whole family


MaryAnne writes on her website: "When I was a new mum nearly 11 years ago, I had no idea how challenging life would be. If I knew I could have a wise and very experienced woman to help me through my doubts, fears, emotional outbursts, and basically everything else, I would have signed up in a heartbeat.”


Dr. MaryAnne's podcast in now in it's second series, and covers a wide range of motherhood topics - from premature births, to featuring women suffering endometriosis, nothing is off limit.


Speaking candidly about her life now and in recent years, Samina explained to Dr MaryAnne how she transitioned from working in the competitive and fast-paced world of Digital Marketing to motherhood and the creation of her other baby: Mon Dessert.


“I think subconsciously I was looking for an outlet. I think I wanted a way out, and I wanted something more in my life, a creative outlet because I knew I wasn’t getting that from my career. So I was happy to take that time away, and then I had Noah and then it was just me at home with Noah and Yasmine. And I look back at that time and oh my gosh, it was so special.”


This episode of Dr MaryAnne’s blog is definitely worth a listen. To listen to the story of how one digital marketer navigated her way through motherhood and starting her own business simultaneously is fascinating and, more importantly, inspiring. I think there is a massive preconception surrounding motherhood, with many people believing children consume your career, at least until they go to school, but Samina’s story shows that you can do it all. If you want pursue your passion you can, and that is exactly what both Samina and MaryAnne have done.


What is particularly great about Dr. MaryAnne's blog and podcast is that she champions women every step of the way. Every podcast episode ultimately shows the brilliance of everyday women, shining a light on their strength and ability through every possible hurdle, challenge and set back.


If Dr. MaryAnne’s blog and podcast interests you, have a look at:


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