Video 7: Macaron Making Kit Christmas Special

Welcome to a special Christmas edition of the Mon Dessert series of videos, showing you through the Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kits. Today I wanted to talk you through the Christmas version of the kit, which is called L’édition Noël. The finished look of the macarons are actually mini Christmas puddings which are really cute! I’m going to be showing you exactly how we make them.


The ingredients that you get to make the filling in the Noël kit are icing sugar & cinnamon, an extra special bottle of cognac and some dark chocolate. For the decoration part its holly and berry leaves and some white chocolate. So lets get to the baking!

The first thing we are going to do to make our Christmas pudding macarons is melt the chocolate with the cognac. We’ll start by adding the cognac into the pan; turn on the heat to medium and then pour in the dark chocolate. Get a spatula and mix until its smooth, turn the heat to low. Next we’re going to get on and make our filling. You are going to need some extra ingredients for this and that is written on the side of the tins that you get. That's butter. We’re going to make sure our butter is at room temperature and slightly squidgy. You don’t want hard out of the fridge butter otherwise it will not make a nice smooth filling. Take the icing sugar and cinnamon mix and sieve that. Then add the cognac and dark chocolate and icing sugar and cinnamon mix alternatively until you get a light fluffy Christmassy buttercream. Now we are going to whisk our butter until we get it pale and fluffy. Now we can start adding our chocolate and icing sugar mix alternatively whisking throughout.

Next we are going to get on and pipe. I have some already premade macarons.  They are made in exactly the same way as in the previous videos of this series. I have filled up my piping bag full of the Christmas pudding mix and we are going to start piping this onto each half of our macaron shells one facing down, one facing up to make your life easier. You can eat them straight away, but they are much nicer when you leave them for a day or two to rest in the fridge. Then eat them a day later and they are much nicer! 

So now we can get on and decorate which is the fun part.We are going to take our white chocolate and put that into a non-metallic bowl as we are sticking this into a microwave to melt. What I actually do is do it in 15-second bursts. Stir; put it in again, stir, put in again until you end up with a lovely smooth glossy chocolate. The white chocolate acts as the cream of the little Christmas puddings. You don’t need to be too neat about it, just get creative. Then we have our sugared edible holly & berries and we are going to pop one onto each of our macarons. They look so cute! There we go, our finished holly and berry Christmas pudding macarons.

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