Video 4: Making the chocolate ganache filling

Now you’re ready to make the filling for your macarons, which is a delicious chocolate ganache!

But before you get started, remember to turn your oven on to 150°C so that you’re ready to bake the macarons when they’re dry.

Top Tip: place a spoon in the door of the oven to wedge the door open. We recommend doing this just to let out a bit of steam because if the oven gets too moist it will destroy the macarons and create cracks in them, so we want to remove all the moisture from the oven.

Once your oven is set, you’re ready to start making the deliciously smooth ganache! Firstly, put your cream onto the stove and heat it up until just before boiling temperature. Once you’ve done that, add it to your chocolate – this is the packet of 61% raw chocolate that’s included in your Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kit. When adding it into the bowl, make sure you remove any clumpy bits and chop those up a little more finely because we want a really fine mixture! Add the hot cream into the chocolate and give that a good ‘ole whisk!

You’ll see the chocolate melting because of the hot cream. Now you want to get it really nice and smooth. If you’re finding that you’re not getting it very smooth, it could be that the cream isn’t hot enough or the chocolate is not chopped finely enough. To solve this issue, simply pop it into the microwave for a little while.

Finally, pour the mixture straight into your piping bag using a silicone spatula (you should have this already set up in a glass). Then we’re going to let that cool down for a bit and pop it in the fridge while your macarons are baking. See, we told you it was easy! 

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