NYE - Food traditions around the world!

NYE - Food traditions around the world!

Around the world, foods on the holiday table are symbolic, filled with people who have wishes for the new year. Many traditional dishes appear because they’re thought to bestow happiness, prosperity, health, sweetness  and luck.

Some traditions revolve less around the food itself but more about who it is eaten with. In 1791, George Washington began hosting open-house parties known as “levees”. At the parties, “any properly dressed person, with a letter of introduction, could—without an invitation—drink punch and nibble cake with the President”. It was a New Year’s feast used to establish or reestablish important ties.

And of course, some traditional food isn’t symbolic of anything. If the new year is an occasion to party, to drink and dance and joyously stay up all night.

There are various staples of New Year’s spreads around the globe, based on different traditions and beliefs and we love to take inspiration from them all. This year we at Mon Dessert are focusing on our Croquembouche and Christmas Tree Baked Alaska Kits for New Years. Why not cook up these recipes yourself?

  • Croquembouche Kit - This is truly a showstopper dessert to impress, the Croque-en-bouche is literally translated as crunch in the mouth! Often seen on the tables of medieval French royalty this magnificent display of towering profiteroles filled with vanilla creme patisserie and held together with crackling caramel.  It is a delight for all senses and a fantastic centrepiece.

Mon Dessert is transporting it all the way into modern-day and making it super simple for you to create at home.  We are giving you all the tools and knowhow.  This is a dessert that anyone would be proud to say they made themselves.

  • Christmas Tree Baked Alaska -  This is an icy treat that is extremely impressive when presented.  A layer of biscuit flavoured with coconut and chocolate topped with your favourite ice cream-  The whole dessert is then enveloped with a soft marshmallow meringue outer covering and charred with a blow torch.  The whole ensemble is so delicious, who says you can't have ice cream in the colder months.

These show stopping mini puds can also be adapted to a vegan diet using aquafaba  and so cute topped off with a little star topper!

Want to explore the full Christmas range? Click here!

Happy Dessert Making!

The Mon Dessert Team x

All recipes can be adapted to a vegan diet using flax eggs and non dairy butter.

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