Video 2: Macronage, whatever that is?

Welcome to the second video of the series taking you through all the secrets of macaron making..

So we are onto the second video where I am going to be showing you, how to macaronage.  Macronage is just a posh way of saying mixing the macaron shell batter. 


First of all we are going to take our egg whites 50 ml.  I have used organic free-range eggs.  Then I’m going to take our caster sugar from the kit which is already pre weighed.  Everything is all done for you.  We add that to the bowl.  Next put that onto our freestanding mixer.  You can do this by hand if you want to build up those arm muscles.  Or you could also get an electric whisk, a freehand one.  I am going to mix on slow for a couple of minutes, on medium for a couple of minute and then high for a couple of minutes. To get stiff, very stiff peaks.  So here we go!


For the next stage, we are going to take our dry packets of ingredients.  So we have our organic blanched almonds and organic icing sugar mixed with organic roasted cocoa powder.  I am going to pop those into a bowl but sieve it first.  This way we do not have any lumps in our finished shells.


We are then going to take our egg whites that have now got very stiff peaks and add the dry mixture straight into the bowl.  We take a spatula and we are going to flatten and mix the batter.  The tendency with egg white is usually that you want to keep the air bubbles.   With this you don’t, you want to get rid of the air bubbles and flatten it.  What you are going to be looking for is a consistency like treacle or lava.  It needs to be fairly runny but do not over mix.  This is the most important part, I would say of getting it right.  You don’t want any stray dry or egg white bits.  You need to make sure it is all mixed in.  The way we test it, is actually to spoon a little it out.  Plop it back in and wait twenty seconds to see if it reincorporates back into the mixture.  If you have that kind of consistency you are about right. 


There we go, for the next video I will be showing you how to pipe…

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