Zero Gluten, Zero Guilt! A Guide to Gluten-Free Treats...

Zero Gluten, Zero Guilt! A Guide to Gluten-Free Treats...

We are constantly bombarded with the latest craze in healthy eating and whilst some are just fads some are seemingly here to stay. One such trend is going gluten free. What started off, as a tiny hidden shelf in the supermarkets is now a whole aisle. The gluten-free retail market has expanded rapidly from $1.7bn in 2011 and will reach $4.7bn by 2020, say the Financial Times. But how did this happen? How did this seemingly hypochondriac, bohemian movement become a multi billon dollar industry?

The answer is we all want the elixir of life. Something that will make us look thinner, live longer and give us super powers, and whilst there is never a quick fix. What started off as cutting out carbs and now cutting out gluten offers almost immediate to see benefits. Many people are feeling healthier and fitter for it. In short it works.

I can vouch for this from personal experience with my son, who has had a history of digestive problems and since cutting down on gluten we have seen a marked improvement. I see an improvement with my own gut health also. That bloated gassy, sluggish feeling always creeps back when I indulge myself in a little too much full on wheat sourdough pizza. It’s so good though!

I think with all the current nutritional trends out there, whether it is going gluten free, vegan, organic and eating no artificial nastiness. It doesn’t have to be hardcore all or nothing, unless of course you have coeliac disease or a serious intolerance. Simply cutting down and adding a positive healthy mentality to the food you are eating and where it is sourced from can offer real positives. It’s that good old 80:20 rule again. 80% of the time you are mindful of what you are choosing, so it will be good for you, as well as for the world around you. But 20% of the time, we all need our indulgences

This is what I have tried to do with our baking kits. They allow you to make something that is indulgent and beautiful, but is at the same time using very carefully selected ingredients. Our icing sugar is not only organic it is gluten free too. The organic ground almonds are naturally gluten free also. The colourings we tend to use are not artificial, such as beetroot powder for pink and seaweed powder for green. Our fillings tend to be made with organic fruit powers and fairtrade organic chocolate.

But, can you really have your cake and eat it? Well apparently yes you can… Here are my top ten foods that you had no idea were gluten free.

  1. Macarons!!

Did you know that macarons are actually gluten free rather predictably they come top of the list. How can something that tastes so naughty actually be GF? Who knew?!

  1. Rice Krispies

My son hardly misses gluten with this classic snap crackle & pop cereal.

  1. Oats

As above, nothing beats porridge with a smidge of honey or fresh fruits and seeds.

  1. Quinoa

I have a slight obsession with this grain. I sub it for pasta, bulk up my salads with it. It is seriously scrummy simply tossed in olive oil or butter.

  1. Peanut butter

This needs no introduction. I will even extend it to all nut butters. I love to eat it smeared on celery sticks. Sounds odd but this combo serious works. Also great in a macaron.

  1. Hummus

If you have checked out our previous blogs about vegan macarons you will know that the liquid from a can of chickpeas can sub for egg whites. DO NOT WASTE them!!!! Wizz them up into scrummy hummus, you will not regret it.Corn tortillas

Soooo good with salsa and guacamole. So in love with Mexican food

  1. Baked beans

Brings me right back to childhood teatimes.

  1. Nutella

This is a great one to fill your macarons with if you are short on time. Equally as good on icecream. Or just spooned out of the jar when nobody is watching 

  1. Rice

You can take the girl out of Asia, but you can’t take Asia out of the girl.

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