10 ways to bring Veganism into your life.

10 ways to bring Veganism into your life.

 Why Mon Dessert embraces the Vegan revolution!
 Whether you are full or part-time Vegan we salute you.


 10 ways to bring Veganism into your life.  

Eat vegan 3-5 days a week.  
Being vegan doesn’t need to be a regimented thing.  Even cutting down on the number of animal products we consume makes a difference to our health and to the environment.  By becoming vegan for most of the week, when we do go back to eating a regular diet we automatically become more mindful about the way in which we consume meat, eggs and dairy. By savouring every bite and buying meat, dairy and eggs of the highest quality.
Try swapping cows milk for oat, coconut or nut milk in your morning latte or your English Breakfast Tea.
Or why not replace regular yoghurt with coconut yoghurt it’s delicious and healthy, try it with granola and red fruit ;) Here is an awesome granola recipe, try it!

For a healthy start to the day it’s simple and easy to make (top tip: add a little of agave syrup on top, it’s a great alternative to honey) We highly recommend it! 
Have fun in the kitchen and adapt some of your favourite recipes to vegan! For example, you can swap eggs with the juice from a can of chickpeas.  We recommend you reduce the liquid to half by heating half.  Your guests will be super impressed, as the results are so similar to egg whites it's crazy!
With our vegan kits, It’s very easy to make plant-based patisserie.  All ingredients are pre-weighed and the recipe booklets guide you through step by step. Don’t forget to share your results on Insta with the #makemondessert!
Too many overripe banana’s? You need to make this NOW! Vegan banana & chocolate bread.  This easy recipe tastes so moist you may eat the whole lot in one sitting!
Try to eat more vegetables and fruits, you will feel heaps better, and full of energy.  The other good thing about fruits a vegetable it that you can eat lots and not pile on the pounds as easily as you would with carbs, dairy or meat. It's so simple but, 5 a day really works.  
For all you Londoners follow the great Clare on Instagram, @thelittlelondonvegan she shares lots of great places to eat vegan in London.
We also LOVE @natureatfood she shares lots of vegan recipes, and the pictures are really beautiful. 
Few favourite places to eat vegan in London:

Have you tried vegan cheese yet?  "No" I hear you say.  You need to get eating.  Why not have a wine and cheese night, like the oh so chic French.  If you are looking for where to buy Vegan cheese check out "La Fauxmagerie" in Brixton Village it is the perfect excuse to walk around the uber cool Brixton Village.
We know it’s difficult to find inspiration for cook every day the best solution it’s again, Instagram and Pinterest, look some #, for example, #vegan or #plantbased you will find a lot of recipe idea.

As a final challenge you can take part in Paul & Linda McCartney's meat-free Monday it’s a really easy challenge and a good excuse to try Linda's famous meat free creations, that taste almost like the real thing!

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