Embrace the art of French Patisseries with Mon Dessert

Embrace the art of French Patisseries with Mon Dessert

Mon Dessert’s scrumptious treats are a work of art that encapsulates the passion and tradition of the French, stamped with their own contemporary finish.  

Begin your discovery of French Patisserie with a bite of one of Mon Dessert’s decadent macarons and you’ll instantly understand why there is such a fascinating mystery about French pastry. French Patisserie goes beyond simply baking; it’s stylish, romantic and charming. It’s like an art where respect and appreciation is given to every ingredient as well as like science where the recipes and amounts need to be precise to get the best results. French Patisserie is certainly not easy to master, so if you do it correctly, you know you’ve created a delicious treat that is truly magical.  

So what makes French Patisserie so alluring?

It’s like alchemy

French pastry requires an elusive balance between being savoury and sweet, dry and moist, heavy and light. By combining ordinary ingredients with patience, knowledge and passion, they can be transformed into a luxurious creation that represents the true spirit of France.

It’s natural and organic

The creation of such unique pastries requires natural and wholesome ingredients, so you’ll find no artificial chemicals or stabilizers that are usually used in the food industry to shortcut the baking process. It’s all about quality, and this begins with quality ingredients. Mon Dessert uses fair trade chocolate and free range eggs in its recipes, and attributes the use of natural ingredients to its delicate texture and scrumptious taste.

It’s for everybody

With such an extensive range of pastries to choose from and hundreds of flavours to experiment with, French Patisserie really does offer something to everyone. From delicate macarons and refreshing Fraisier cakes to creamy éclairs and crisp croquembouche, whatever takes your fancy you’re guaranteed to appreciate the fascination of French Patisserie, and will be wanting to go back for more!

Mon Dessert specialises in bringing the fine pleasure of French Patisserie to the streets of London. Stamped with passion and sophistication, Mon Dessert’s delicious treats continue to amaze and inspire, as it takes traditional French recipes and flavours and revives them to produce luxurious delights that are ever so unique.


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