You lack ideas to please your mother? Do not worry, we'll give you 10!

Our top 10 ideas to make your mum feel extra special on Mother’s Day
1-prepare her are breakfast (in bed) on Mother's Day with orange juice, eggs, bacon (or veggie alternative) and add a nice flower for the decorative touch.
2-  A mixed tape (or compilation of music)  beautiful music for you to sing and dance to together :)  We love Shopify for this.
 3- Treat her to go to the cinema together she can choose the movie, maybe a classic golden oldie in a beautiful old cinema.  Picture House Cinemas are great as they all have beautiful buildings and tend to show films that are not your typical Hollywood blockbuster.
 4- Learn something new with your mum!  Why not join one of our masterclasses in Borough market creating special moments together as well as beautiful and delicious macarons like a pro.
5-  Create a photo book, a sure-fire winner for every mother out there! You cannot go wrong.
 6-Nothing better than biiiiiiiiiig kisses! 
 7- A dinner made completely by you.  Even the washing up :)
 8-Make for her a delicious banana bread that’s good because you have an easy recipe now ;)
 9- Afternoon tea time together.  Use some of our recipes on our blog for inspiration.  Why not pair with macarons to show off your skills to her.  She is bound to be impressed!
 10- Shopping Day together.  Why not style her and get your hair and makeup done? Or maybe piercing? Liberty London is such a special place to go and visit with is flowers and glorious building.  It also has Maria Tash for piercings
 And one for luck!!!
 11-Make beautiful macarons together with our special mother’s day bundle (make 24 chocolate and gold dust, 24 salted caramel and 24 raspberry oh so pretty sweet treats that you can personalise with the food pen which is included.   Perfect for writing and drawing pretty calligraphy on your macarons. Available on our website https://www.mondessert.co.uk/products/mothers-day-macarons .  Don't forget we have a great discount code for 20% off all products excluding masterclasses.  

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