It's National Chocolate Week!

It's National Chocolate Week!

Stop what you're doing! Put down your phones, turn off the T.V. and listen up!

It's National Chocolate Week!

Thursday 12th October marked the beginning of a very exciting and very delicious few days for Britain. National Chocolate Week may be little known, but if you love chocolate as much as we do here at Mon Dessert then you are going to rejoice along with us at the opportunity to eat as much chocolate as you like, all in the name of patriotism.

So, other than being one of the most luxurious, smooth and addictive foods in the world, what does chocolate really offer us? Hopefully something beneficial, since every decade, the average person will eat their own body weight in chocolate! People from Switzerland even eat 21lb of the stuff a year!

Well, surprisingly eating chocolate actually has many benefits. These include: potential cancer prevention, improved heart health, an overall better cholesterol profile, better cognitive function, improved blood pressure, and it is also an antioxidant-rich super food.

So go on..treat yourself to these benefits...

And what better way to treat yourself than to have a go at making some of our yummy macarons? Our kits containing the good stuff include the Dark Chocolate and Gold Dust Kits, both standard full-size and in the Mini version, and our Chocococo Mini Kit. And if one isn't enough (no judgement), have a look at our NEW Bundles. Get a full-size kit and a mini kit of our choice for £39.95 - a saving of £10! Our 3 and 6 month subscriptions are also available..


If even all THAT doesn't satisfy your chocolate ravings, check out The London Chocolate Show. Running from 13th - 15th October in Hammersmith, this show celebrates all things chocolate and exhibits the best of the bunch. If this sounds like your perfect Saturday, grab your tickets here:

Need we convince you more?

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