Sustainability Statement

As a food delivery service, we at Mon Dessert have a part to play in making sure that we use sustainable practices wherever possible within our business. That's why with every decision we make, we consider the impact our actions could have on People, the Planet and Profit.
 We're in the midst of ensuring that everything in our kits is either recycled, recyclable or reusable and we aim to use responsibly sourced, Fairtrade ingredients wherever possible. The majority of our kits are also vegan friendly, as we understand the importance of catering to a vegan diet for both personal and planetary reasons. 
Food waste is also an important issue facing the UK right now, with 3.6 million tonnes of food being wasted by the food industry every year. Shockingly, 2 million tonnes of this wasted food is in fact still edible and this coupled with the fact that 7 million people are currently struggling to even afford to eat means that now more than ever, something needs to be done to tackle this pervasive problem. These figure are also only expected to increase due to the rising cost of living crisis.
Meal kits can have a significant impact on food waste reduction due to the fact that ingredients and portions are precisely measured. This in turn means that carbon emissions are also positively impacted, as demand-driven supply chains allow for efficient ingredient sourcing and minimal wastage. 
We've recently partnered with charitable food distributor, FareShare to donate our stock that is at its best before date to avoid creating unnecessary waste. FareShare specifically provide surplus food to charities which then turn it into meals and to date, they have provided 130 million meals worth of food to vulnerable people across the country. 
 As well as this, we give back 1% of our revenue to where it is most needed. This means that 1% of everything you spend with us goes towards our planet and our future. We're also currently in the process of becoming a certified B Corp to further demonstrate our pledge to exhibit transparency across our business and meet high social and environmental standards. 
 As a new company, we know we still have a way to go, so If you have any ideas or suggestions please do get in touch via We’d love to hear them.