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Video 5: Baking the shells

Now you’ve finished the ganache, we’re ready to bake our macaron shells!  So far, we’ve left them resting for about 30 minutes, so now we’re just going to check to see if they’re dry enough. To do this, lightly touch them with your finger to see if there’s any wet sheen on them. We want them to be perfectly dry. The reason we do this is to make sure they don’t develop any cracks in them when we put them into the oven. Also this way, they’re likely to develop the famous feet that macarons have when they rise up. Then pop them into the oven for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes test to see if they come off...

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Video 6: The finishing touches

Onto the finishing off.  We’ve let them cool down a little bit now. Then lined them all up with one the right way up and one overturned. This makes it a lot easier when you come to pipe. Then we get the ganache, which has cooled down from being in the fridge a little bit now. I’ve actually taken off the nozzle as I find it easier, but you can leave it on there if you prefer. So we literally pipe our lovely smooth ganache onto each shell. Then we are going to sandwich the macarons together. Just press down and sandwich them up. Once done pop them into a bowl. They do need to be refrigerated ideally, but I...

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Video 7: Macaron Making Kit Christmas Special

Welcome to a special Christmas edition of the Mon Dessert series of videos, showing you through the Mon Dessert Macaron Making Kits. Today I wanted to talk you through the Christmas version of the kit, which is called L’édition Noël. The finished look of the macarons are actually mini Christmas puddings which are really cute! I’m going to be showing you exactly how we make them.   The ingredients that you get to make the filling in the Noël kit are icing sugar & cinnamon, an extra special bottle of cognac and some dark chocolate. For the decoration part its holly and berry leaves and some white chocolate. So lets get to the baking! The first thing we are going...

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The gift that keeps on giving?

Gone too soon. There aren’t many nuisances with gift shopping in the food and beverage department, but one catch is the often short-lived nature of your present. The scrumptious snacks get eaten (or even worse, go out of date), and the dinner party champagne you bought gets poured into 8 glasses for the other guests on arrival, and before you know it it’s gone. While the sentiment transcends the kitchen or dining room shelf life, it’s all over a little too soon for our liking.   Mon Dessert has come up with a creative solution to this problem while keeping things interesting for the budding patissiers and recipients of our macaron-making kits. If you're looking to buy a gift this...

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